Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Embossing Plate Fun (without a machine)

There are so many looks you can get with one embossing plate, here are just a couple to get you started:

No machine required for these two techniques!

#1.  Litho Plate Transfer

Rub Shades™ dye ink directly onto plate, place cardstock onto inked plate and use a brayer to evenly transfer ink from the plate to the cardstock.

For the sample to the right, I used Shades™ dye ink in Tank green on the E127 Foliage Embossing Plate by Dies Direct and used a wide rubber brayer to transfer the ink to white CS.

#2.  Reverse Image Stamp 

MagicStamp™ Foam Block required. Make a reverse image stamp of the pattern on the plate by heating up a block of magic stamp foam and pressing it into the plate while warm. Ink the foam like you would a stamp, and when you stamp it on cardstock you’ll get a reverse impression of the pattern on the plate.

The sample pictured here was created by pressing a MagicStamp™ Foam Block onto the E127 Foliage Embossing Plate, inking with Shades™ dye ink in Paprika and stamping onto white CS.

Check back soon for even more embossing plate fun!

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