Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Love Card

Good morning, Steph here with a quick and easy way to incorporate Piccolo charms in a project. 

Piccolo charms can be used for all types of projects from jewelry to embellishments.  I decided to use the heart charm from Heart Charms H001 set as an embellishment on a wedding card.  I gently poked out the word from the heart charm and set it aside to use on another project.  Using Enamel Powder Adhesive, I coated the heart charm, then added Enchanted Aubergine  and Brownstone powders on top.  Once heat set,  I added several light coats of Glastique. This made the heart a little stronger as well as giving it a nice glossy effect.

After completing my card, I just tied the charm onto the bow.

The charm was just the perfect finishing touch for this card.  Just remember, the charms may be small but they do pack a big punch for all your crafty endeavors.

Thanks for stopping by today.

1 comment: said...

Cute card, Steph! What an adorable little charm!