Thursday, September 18, 2014

dragonfly dreams

Good Morning everyone. Wow time flies and it's Thursday again. Teresa here to share another easy to create tag using several of the Globecraft and Piccolo products. 

Shopping list -

Enamel Powder Adhesive
Ultra Thick Clear Embossing Powder
Micro Copper Embossing Powder
Mardi Gras Embossing Powder
Dragonflies Piccolo Set
Burnt Umber 3d Gel

Other items

Manilla Tag Base
Craft Mat
Walnut Inks - I used a leaf green, gold, and red maple
       Note Sweet Stamps keeps a stock of Distress Inks in many colors.
micro gold Glitter
flower stamp

**** **** **** **** **** ****
Let's get started.

I used a tried and true stamping trick for this. I used the EMBOSSING ADHESIVE to ink my stamp directly onto my manilla tag base. Sprinkle with the CLEAR EMBOSSING POWDER and emboss.

Spritz the craft mat with the inks in a random pattern. Place the tag into the inks and pick it up. I use my fingertips but you can use a sponge for this next part. Smear the ink around into the tag background blending areas and leaving some as the original full color. The clear embossing using the clear EMBOSSING ADHESIVE leaves a "resist" area for the flower stamps. Loving this.

Let the tag fully dry.

I then added a dot to the center of each flower using the BURNT UMBER 3D GEL. I sprinkled one with the MICRO COPPER POWDER and the other with the MARDI GRAS POWDER. Let this dry over night. (I did not emboss these at all) I like seeing all the little particles with the Brown peeking through.

Take two of the DRAGONFLIES and ink them with the walnut ink -- I used the leafy green and the red maple. Let these dry completely.

Using my fingertip again (my favorite tool) I smeared the dragon flies with GLASTIQUE and lightly sprinkled with the fine glitter.

After that dried, I shook of the excess glitter and then adhered the DRAGONFLIES to the tag using the GLASTIQUE.

Ready to attach to a gift.

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Sandy Fredrick said...

Beautiful tag, I love the resist technique you used on the flowers and sparkle on the dragonflies.