Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Don't Blink

Don't Blink..... because time passes by so quickly.  I  wish I could press the rewind button so I could travel back in time to watch the lives of my ancestors.  This month, I created an easy project that rekindles the past and let's us treasure the days gone by with a mini hanger photo display.

Hi, Charlotte here sharing a wooden mini hanger that I turned into a vintage photo display using Piccolo Mixed Media and Metallic Colors Powder.

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  • Find a a mini wooden hanger.  A mini hanger can be purchased at a craft store.
  • Apply a coat of the Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive to the front and back of the hanger.
  • Immediately after applying the adhesive, sprinkle Piccolo Brownstone Mixed Media Embossing Powder over the entire surface of the hanger. If you are using a tidy tray, gently tap the corner of the box on the tray to remove all the excess embossing powder. A folded piece of paper works just a well. 
  • Using a heat gun, hold the heat gun approximately six inches from the hanger sweeping backward and forward until the embossing powder starts melting. Do not over heat the image with the heat gun, because the embossing powder will burn. 
  • As soon as the embossed powder is cool, randomly apply the Piccolo Adhesive on the hanger.  Sprinkle the hanger with Piccolo Victorian Bronze Metallic Powder and heat emboss the powder.
  • Make paper cutout images to place on the surface of the hanger.  For this project, I used torn pages from a vintage book, vintage stickers and vintage paper images.
  • Apply a small amount of glue or decoupage medium, such as Mod Podge, to the area of the prepared surface where you want to place the images.  Smooth out the glue with a small paintbrush.  Apply a small amount of the same glue to the back of the image, and smooth with a small paintbrush.  Place the cutout image on top of the freshly glued area.  Smooth out bubbles and wrinkles on the image using your thumb, being careful not to rip the image.  Apply the rest of the cutout images in the same manner.  The cutouts can be overlapped to suit your taste.  Apply three or four coats of decoupage medium to the finished surface after it has completely dried.  Allow the surface to dry between coats.  Apply a final coat of acrylic sealant after the glue has completely dried.
  • Ink the edges of the hangers with dye ink.  Inking the edges of the hanger will give the hanger a vintage look. 
  • Screw in three eyelet screws under the base edge of the hanger.
  • Stamp vintage images directly on the hanger's surface using black dye ink.
  • Using thin wire, thread several coordinating glass bead through the wire. Wrap the wire around the hanger.
  • Wrap the curved hook of the hanger with coordinating ribbon.  Adhere the two ends of the ribbon with a dab of glue.
  • Embellish the surface of the hanger with stamps, an assortment of paper flowers, metal tags, mini glass bottles and charms.
  • Mat a three 3x5" photos on coordinating double sided paper.
  • Hang a metal clip through each of the eyelet screws and clip one photo to each clip.



Finished Result

By Charlotte Jenkins, AKA Suepup

2 comments: said...

Very cool project Charlotte. don't you love the enamel powders! Very cool results while playing with those.

Michelle said...

Charlotte, I love how you changed this wooden hanger and added the photos......stunning.