Friday, May 18, 2012

Love Birds

Good morning, Steph here with my first project using Globecraft Memories products. I am a card maker at heart so I couldn't wait to get my hands on these products!

Taking apart the Love Flouishes Card Decor, I decided to start with the frame. I covered the frame with Enamel Powder Adhesive then added Enchanted Aubergine and heat set. I applied a second layer of Adhesive and another layer of Enchanted Aubergine. Once dry (and this product dries very quickly), I added random touches of Adhesive and then added 24K Gold Powder on top.

As I heat set this final layer, the particles moved around creating some amazing effects on my frame.
To add a little more pizzazz to the frame I used one of the flourishes from this set and covered it with Mermaid Tears.

The sentiment was stamped with Stardust Watermark Twinkle and Mermaid Tears were added on top. After heat setting I had a beautiful sentiment.

Using Glue Gloss around the edges of my tag, I again added Mermaid Tears by just pouring it over the tag. After heat setting I had this wonderful tag.

I placed the frame on top of my stamped image and cut away the excess before creating my card. Then I added the sentiment to the right side with the tiny heart attached.


Thanks for stopping by today.

3 comments: said...

Great card Steph! Really like the enamels on the frame.

Stacy said...

Very pretty card Steph!

Michelle said...

Cute card Steph