Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Collecting Love Charms

Laura here, and I am in a Halloween mood! I have a Love Charms book to share that was a collaboration between Globecraft Memories and Art Glitter recently.
Book (I used a spiral bound journal)
Enough crushed panne fabric to cover book, front and back
Foam packaging scrap large enough to cover book, if desired
8" by 10" Muslin Fabric
Xyron Creatopia
Xyron Fabric Adhesive
One Sheet White Cardstock
Silhouette Machine
Silhouette Machine Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing
One Globecraft Memories Piccolo Delicate Hearts Earrings Set
Two Globecraft Memories Vintage Heart Charm Sets
Globecraft Memories Card Decor Set #4
Globecraft Memories Piccolo Enamel Powder Adhesive
Globecraft Memories Piccolo Enamel Powder in Vintage Silver
Globecraft Memories Piccolo Enamel Powder in Siam Silver
Globecraft Memories Piccolo Enamel Powder in Vintage Gold
Globecraft Memories Piccolo Enamel Powder in 24K Gold
Globecraft Memories Cool-Set Enameling Gel in Purple Mist
Globecraft Memories Glastique
Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive with Fine Tip
Art Glitter Dries Clear Fabric Adhesive with Fine Tip
Art Glitter Microfine Opaque 516 Gold Tone
Art Glitter Microfine Opaque 508 Silver Moon
Art Glitter Vintage Glass Glitter 903 Alexandrite
Small White Heart Shaped Brads
One Large Silver Brad
Heat Gun
Big Bite
Craft Knife
Large Stencil Brush
2" of 22 Gauge Wire
Tape Roller

1)  Cut panne fabric about 1" larger than the book both vertically and horizontally. You will be cutting one piece for the whole thing, so be sure to open the book and measure it all the way around before you cut.
2)  Cut foam packaging to fit over covers and spiral binding, if desired. Apply with Designer Dries Clear. I felt that I needed the foam to cover the spiral edge. I would not recommend this step unless you have the same circumstances.
3)  Use the Embossing Fluid and the 24K Gold Enamel Powder to emboss the heart shape.
4)  Use Designer Dries Clear to adhere the heart shape to white cardstock. Let dry.
5)  Use Glastique on the outer portion of the heart. Fill with Vintage Glass Glitter. Let dry.
6)  Use Cool-Set Enameling Gel in the center heart. Let Dry.
7)  Cover the Vintage Glass with Glastique. Let Dry.

8)  Iron the Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing on muslin.
9)  In Silhouette Studio Program, create the words and cut. I used the font Bradley Gratis. This step can be skipped if you have another way to cut out the muslin - either by hand or another machine.
10)  Set the cut out muslin in position on panne and iron on.
11)  Use your Art Glitter Fabric Adhesive to add the Goldtone Microfine Glitter to the words. Set aside to dry.
12)  Use Microfine Silver Moon Glitter around the edges of words. Let dry.
13)  Cut two straps from the cardstock. They will wrap around the binding and onto the back.
14)  Using the Globecraft Piccolo Enamel Powder Adhesive and your heat gun, emboss the straps, and all the remaining Globecraft Memories Elements EXCEPT the keys with Vintage Gold or Vintage Silver Embossing Powder.
15)  Emboss the keys with 24K Gold and Siam Silver Embossing Powder. We switched the embossing powder because this one is more detailed, which suits the detailed keys better.
16)  Make sure that all the glue is dry before you proceed. Send the leather through the Xyron Creatopia with the fabric adhesive.
17) Be very careful while removing from the background paper and covering the book. Use the extra fabric to wrap under the edges. Panne does stretch and can cling to itself. If this happens, carefully pry it off of itself and carefully press on the book. It will NOT be perfect.
18)  Use the Art Glitter Fabric Adhesive to attach all of the embossed pieces except the keys.
20)  Use Big Bite to create holes for brads. 
21)  Attach brads, leaving one just a little loose to attach the key.
22)  Use Cool-Set Enamel to cover the heart shaped brads. Let dry.
23)  Use wire to attach the keys from a brad.
24)  Brush off any extra glitter with stencil brush and remove remnants with tape roller.
I realize that this project is a little intense, but it can be modified in any way that you like. It is your book, so enjoy its creation. I loved making it so much, that I have created a second one, pictured here.
To see how I did the second one, check out my post on the Art Glitter blog at See you later, glitter on!


linda said...

Love these adorable books and that heart is beautiful! Well done!

Mae said...

Love the crystals in the heart! These look so fun!