Thursday, November 29, 2012

How does your Holiday garden grow?

Hello! Tracy here with my first post for Globecraft & Piccolo blog! I am proud to be a new design team member and have worked as a product designer for Globecraft & Piccolo for over a year. I can't tell you how much I enjoy working with their products and love seeing what new Piccolos they come up with! My current favorites are the lovely new Bookboard Holiday Accents that are perfect for all types of projects.

Tracy Alden
Art Resurrected

Today I would like to share with you a tutorial highlighting some of the ways you can use Globecraft & Piccolo products for holiday home decor gifts. To me the holidays have always been the perfect time to make homemade art and goodies. I love changing out my home decor to match the current holidays and giving home decor gifts to family and friends.I went with pinks and silvers with this project because it reminds me of some of the old time holiday decor my grandmother would put out ever year.
  • G&P Vintage Holiday Flourishes
  • G&P Piccolo Easy Grip Tweezers
  • G&P Piccolo Enamel/Embossing Powder Adhesive
  • G&P Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze
  • G&P  Avocado 3D Enamel Gel
  • G&P Pure Sparkle Silver Glitter
  • G&P Girls Night Out Enamel Powder
  • G&P Mermaid Tears Enamel Powder
  • G&P Micro Silver Enamel Powder
  • Heat Gun
  • 3 Long Stemmed Silk Flowers
  • Vase
  • Silver Ribbon
  • Blank card
  • Embossing Machine
  • Swirls Sizzix Texture Fades Embossing Folder
  • Sakura Pigma Micron Pen

I started with applying the Piccolo Enamel Adhesive to the edges of the petals of a silk flower stem.

I then sprinkled Mermaid Tears Enamel Powder onto the petals, shook off excess and heat set with heat gun.

Following the areas I applied the enamel powder to I added little droplets of Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze.

Before the Glastique dried I sprinkled on Pure Sparkle Silver Glitter. Repeat with all three stems and let dry.

I carefully removed the
Vintage Holiday Flourishes from the bookboard frame with the tweezers. I used Girls Night Out Enamel Powder for the outer frame and Micro Silver Enamel Powder  for the swirls.

I then applied
Avocado 3D Enamel Gel to the tiny leaves. The tiny nozzle tip on the applicator bottle makes this easy! Let dry.

Run the front of the blank card through an embossing machine with the
Swirls Embossing Folder.
Piccolo Enamel Adhesive to the raised edges and sprinkle on Mermaid Tears Enamel powder, shake off excess.
Heat enamel powder with heat gun to set embossing powder.

Now I wanted to add a Happy Holidays sentiment. While I just used an ink pen to write it out you can easily replace it with your favorite Holiday stamp! I cut each word out with and left an inch of blank paper on each side.

Using a toothpick I tightly curled each side with blank paper. I roll the inner portion of the strip of paper over a tiny brush handle to get a wave. With one side curled up and one side curled down it looks like a mini scroll

I applied a thin layer of Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze to both mini scrolls, using a small brush to cover the curled sections.

Now a second layer of small
Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze droplets is added to the mini scrolls. While the glaze was still wet I applied Pure Sparkle Silver Glitter and let dry.

Carefully I added the completed elements to the front of the card using Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze as an adhesive. Place the flowers in the vase, add ribbon and place card in with the flowers.

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Until next time, Safe Travels!


byondbzr said...

This is beautiful! said...

Gorgeous piece. I love all the techniques on the gift card.

Chrissy said...

Wow!!! This looks BEAUTIFUL! I love the tag and I never thought to add glitter to silk flowers. Brilliant!

Candy Spiegel said...

This is amazing! I love it.

Art Resurrected said...

Thank you Candy. BTW congrats on your card being on the package of G&P Vintage Holiday Flourishes used in the tutorial. :)

Anna Measures said...

Love the color! What a beautiful deep red :)