Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tip for painting G&P Piccolos

Hi, it's Candy here to share a tip for working with Piccolos.

I love the new micro-size Piccolos. They can be used on cards, scrapbook pages, altered art, ornaments, frames and more. They are really fun to work with -- especially when layered on top of other Piccolos.

Piccolos are made from bookboard, which is stronger and thinner than chipboard. They can be inked, painted, enameled and more.

However, they are so tiny that it is hard to find a place to hold onto the Piccolo while painting, inking or covering with Glastique.

My solution is to use Removable Glue Dots.

I stick the Piccolo onto the Glue Dot while it is still on the roll, then gently pull off both the Glue Dot and the Piccolo and stick it to my Non-Stick Craft Sheet.

The Glue Dot holds it in place so I can paint. Then, when it is all dry, I gently pull off the Piccolo and then scrape the Glue Dot off of my craft sheet and toss it. There is no damage to the Piccolo and I don't have blue fingers when I am finished!


Globecraft Memories said...

What a great idea! I use the Piccolo tweezers usually, but for the micro sized accents this is perfect. So smart! said...

Great little tip! I never thought to use those for holding the small items in place!

Art Resurrected said...

I have been using small amounts of craft glue to keep them in place when coating them but this will work even better. What a great tip Candy. :)