Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Creating an ancient stone finish

Hello! Tracy here with another tip using Globecraft & Piccolo products.

G&P Enamel Powders have a wonderful bumpy texture with a flash heat set (heating the enamel powder particles until they just start to melt but do not melt flat), easily mimicking textured surfaces. One of my favorite faux finishes you can create is the look of ancient stone.


With this "stone" archway piece I started with applying G&P Enamel & Embossing Powder Adhesive to the bookboard and the Piccolos. The archway got one layer of G&P Temple Stone enamel powder and the Piccolos G&P 24K Gold enamel powder using the total heat set technique (heat the embossing powder grains until they melt to a smooth finish). I glued on the Piccolos to the archway with Glastique Gloss and let dry. I then applied embossing powder adhesive to the archway, careful to get around the edges of the Piccolos and added another layer of G&P enamel powder Temple Stone, but making sure to flash heat set this time to get that wonderful stone like finish.

Next I followed the corners and edges of the archway with embossing powder adhesive and applied G&P Mossy Glen Enamel Powder, making sure to flash heat set.

Using Glastique Matte Finishing Glaze, adhere Reindeer Moss to some of the sections coated in Mossy Glen Enamel powder.

Try this technique on paper, canvas, other G&P bookboard shapes, wood and even polymer clay. :)

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Until next time, Safe travels!


byondbzr said...

Very cool, reminds of Stonehenge!

linda said...

These are great! Temple Stone is one of my favorites - love the gold and white specs in there.