Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tips and Tricks: Coating Both Sides

Covering one side of a Piccolo with embossing powder is easy, but when you need both sides covered things can get a little challenging.

Say you want to coat a key with embossing powder ... you heat one side, then turn it over and heat the other. When you pick it up, you will find the first side ruined.

To solve that dilemma, use a set of tweezers with a plastic grip.

Heat and emboss one side like you would normally. Let it cool and then coat the other side with embossing powder. This time, use the tweezers to hold it while you heat it. Then go back and do the front side again for a flawless, double-sided Piccolo.

2 comments: said...

great tip Candy! I love those tweezers!

linda said...

I find my tweezers extremely helpful as well when working with the small pieces. I even use them to poke out the pieces from the frame.