Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fixing the bubbles

When you heat Piccolo Embossing Powders, sometimes little bubbles will pop up. Once they start, they can quickly get out of control and you will have bubbles rising and popping all over the place.

These can be caused by too much Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive or by the heat source being too close or going on for too long.

But, if this happens to you, all is not lost. Just move your heat gun away from the boiling and finish heating the powder on your piece. Let it cool. (If you are heating on a Non-Stick Craft Sheet, carefully move the piece to another section of the mat and when cool enough to touch, lift it and wave it in the air or blow on it to cool it quickly.)

Now, go back in and heat just the bubbles. They will quickly melt right back into the powder and you will have a beautiful, flawless finish!

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