Saturday, April 13, 2013

Washi Tape, meet Piccolo Instant UV Resin

Hello there, it is Arin again, and do I have a neat tip to show you when using Piccolo's new Instant UV Resin. Recently, I have grown very fond of washi tape. I love how a couple of strips can add the needed pop of color, design, and added personality to any project. While I was playing with Piccolo Instant UV Resin, I wondered how washi tape would hold up to it. Oh my was it a treat of positive success! Using the Instant UV Resin allowed a lot of freedom quickly, and I do mean quickly pulling together an embellishment that looks like a lot of time was put into it.

Arin Flynn

Here is how I did it!

Step 1 - Washi tape placement
Apply washi tape, trim excess and burnish down with a bone folder to remove any air from under the washi tape to prevent bubbles in the resin.

Step 2: Apply UV Resin
Apply a very large drop of Instant UV Resin to the center of the project and using a paint brush, brush the thick layer of UV Resin to cover area completely. Set in direct sunlight to allow to cure (it cures in 3 minutes tops!). Once cured, repeat the step of applying the Instant UV Resin for one more layer before adding second layer of washi tape.

Step 3: Adding second layer of washi tape
Add another strip of washi tape following the same steps above. Doing this,will give this project the appearance of looking through water with all the depth the Instant UV Resin gives when layered between thing. The washi tape colors do not run and it is an "instantly" cool way to add that extra zip to a project or embellishment.

Piccolo Instant UV Resin, is something that every crafter needs to have at arms reach. All you need to use it is just some creative imagination and sunlight! With spring here and summer on its way, what better excuse to have to get outside and create! 

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linda said...

Love that the UV Resin made the washi tape transparent! Thanks!