Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Creating Patterned Paper - Heather Hudson Style!

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Hello Friends!

Heather here and I am excited to share with you my first project for Globecraft & Piccolo.
Our challenge this month is to use some of the fabulous G&P Embossing Powders and Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive to create a background to use in a scrapbook page or artist journal. This is my creation.

Heather Hudson
My Artistic Adventures


Step 1:
I started out using a sheet of white cardstock. I randomly placed a piece of netting (held the limes) on my paper, then used the embossing powder adhesive and dabbed randomly on the netting.

Step 2:
I dusted each area where I placed the adhesive with the Turquoise embossing powder. I used a sheet of computer paper that I folded in half to catch my extra embossing powder and pour it back into the container. Used my Ranger Heat it tool to heat set the embossing powder.

Step 3:
Next I chose to use the netting that held the avocados, and placed it randomly on my sheet of cardstock. I again used the Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive to dab around.

Step 4:
I covered the areas where I used the adhesive with Ruby Red Slippers embossing powder. I used the printer paper to catch the excess embossing powder and place it back in the container. Used the heating tool to heat set the powder.

Step 5:
I used a background stamp, covered it with embossing adhesive, then pressed it randomly on different areas of my page. I did re-apply embossing adhesive between stamping.

Step 6:
I applied the Gilded Rose Gold embossing powder where I stamped, and collected the excess embossing powder like as mentioned above. Then heat set the embossing powder.

Step 7:
I used the Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive with it's fabby applicator and just dabbed randomly on the page. 

Step 8:
Here is a tip, just dab a couple places where you want to do the same colors. Otherwise, it is kind of difficult to keep your embossing powders separate :0). I used the same embossing powders and added the Gilded Rose Gold embossing powder as well.

Step 9:
I found a set of chalks that I purchased a long while back (any chalks will do). You could use inks, watercolors or oil pastels as well. I used a tiny cotton ball to blend my colors once I colored (I started out using the little clip to hold the cotton ball, but just gave that up..too much

Step 10: is easier to color all over with different color chalks, then do your blending, doesn't seem to take as long as blending. I used a different cotton ball for each color.

Here it is once it has been blended. I am very happy with how it turned out :0)

Step 11:
I decided that I would tear up my page, and add it with some other patterned papers scraps to create the page below. I used a gloss medium to apply all my torn pieces to my artist journal page. Normally I use matte medium, but I thought I would try something different.

Step 12:
I decided to do a little doodling with some sharpie markers.

Step 13:
Use the Embossing Powder adhesive and apply it to the outside edges of the page. Then apply your embossing powders. Heat set with your heat tool to set the powders. I used the same colors I mentioned above, just placed them randomly around the edges.
Here is a close up of the top.

Here is a close up of the left side.

Here is another look at the finished page.

Here are a couple close ups of the page. I used some left over ribbons, trims and collage pieces that I had laying around. I also used a Martha Stewart Punch, and punched out some of the sheet I created to frame my photo.

I used the Glastique finishing glaze to glue down all of my embellishments!

The page was inspired by two new pair of sunglasses that I purchase (kind of silly I know). Orange and Pink. When I was younger orange was my favorite color for many it is kind of a flashback for

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, and that it inspires you to get out your embossing powders and have fun creating!

Thank you for stopping by!


If you have any questions, or would like to see some other projects I have created feel free to visit my blog.



1CardCreator said...

Gorgeous layout and paper Heather! Love all that glitter and layering! Congrats on the new DT assignment, never heard of this store, I will have to check it out now! Thanks for the link. ~Diane

linda said...

Very inventive way to create your own background paper. It's beautiful!

Carol S said...

Hmm, orange I see a orange dress with pink undertones influence here...did Selena's dress spark something? LOL Selena's sunglasses are a different shape but same color..had to match the dress (she actually went to the store in the dress and found the match)..heehee!
Great background! Love all the embossing! I may have to get out my embossing powders's been too long! Also loving that you used chalks..great addition!
Pretty picture too chickie!
BOLB Hugs!

2amscrapper said...

fantastic tutorial! love your page! you're lookin' good my dear in those sunglasses! said...

very cool Heather.. you knocked this one out of the park!:-)