Thursday, June 13, 2013

Making an altered art tin

Hi Diana here, to show you how to make this cute altered tin!

You'll need: 

Washi Tape

Blank Ink pad
Typewriter font background stamp
Paint Spray (you can make your own)
Doll face (draw your own, or buy one)

Cover your tin with washi tape. I do this to prep the tin for gesso. You can't apply gesso directly to the tin, as it will peel (if it even stays on; usually for me it doesn't even dry). 

After that, apply some gesso, and let it dry.

Then, add color by using some paint spray. I do this because it's a fast and fun way to add color to a surface or background:

Once that is done, you can stamp the front cover with a stamp, and apply your doll face.

Diana Gonzalez
Arte Y Poemas
After that, add a bit of glitter and seal with Glastique. Normally, beeswax is used, but beeswax requires heating, and can be a bit messy, while Glastique is fast and easy and requires no heating.

Here's the finished piece again:

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linda said...

Cute tin. Love the girl face.