Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Seeing the colors of G&P Embossing Powders

Hello! Tracy here with another tip using Globecraft & Piccolo products.

I love using G&P Enamel powders in artwork, there is so many colors and textures I keep finding new things to do with them. Though with Globecraft having so many completely different colors it is hard to choose which one I would like for a project. So I came up with a way to create an index of embossing powders to keep track of my collection!

Enamel powders generally look very different in the jar from they are finally heated. I can keep track of what the final colors would look like by applying them to scrap pieces of bookboard.

You can use any piece of scrap bookboard or chipboard you like, I use the ovals since I do a lot of home decor work and want to see how it would look on a larger surface. In this photo I am apply G&P Enamel & Embossing Powder Adhesive to the bookboard oval.

I like to apply two coats of embossing powder to the bookboard for intense color but it is not a necessity. You can use the total heat set technique or do half & half: total heat set for the first coat, and flash heat set the second.

After the enamel powder has cooled I write the name of the color on the back and keep my color index of enamel powders with the jars of powder. Anytime I have a project I want to see what colors would look best I pull out the index! :)

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