Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chipboard Charm Bookmark Tutorial

Hello and happy Thursday!  Ryann here with a simple tutorial on how to turn your Piccolo Chipboard Charms into a bookmark with only a few simple steps!  I love to read and was in need of a new bookmark. How perfect the Piccolo Chipboard Charms are for bookmarks.  They are flat enough to fit between the pages of a book and are so easy to "dress up".  Let me show you how!

Supplies Used:

1.  Apply the Enamel Powder Adhesive to one side of the Piccolo Chipboard Charm and sprinkle with Girls Night Out Mixed Media Powder.  Turn Piccolo Chipboard Charm sideways and allow excess Mixed Media Powder to fall off.  Apply heat using your heat gun and allow the powder to melt.  Let cool then repeat on opposite side.

2.  Thread ribbon through top of Piccolo Chipboard Charm and apply fabric glue to end of ribbon. 

3. Fold glued end to attach to length of ribbon and allow to dry.  

4.  Once dry, decorate with pearls and tie bow at base of ribbon. 

Four simple steps and you've a gorgeous yet functional new bookmark!  I hope this has inspired you to take your Piccolo Chipboard Charms and go outside the box with them!


Stacy said...

What a fabulous bookmark Ryann!

Michelle said...

Ryann this is simply adorable