Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tips & Tricks: Creating texture with Glastique

Hi, it's Candy with a neat trick I discovered using Glastique Gloss.

Glastique Gloss is a clear, dimensional adhesive and sealer that has a beautiful shine to it.

Because it is dimensional, it dries exactly how it is applied. If you drag a squiggly line and let it dry, you will have a raised, clear squiggly line when it is dry.

For this frame, I applied Glastique Gloss to this frame that I painted black. Then I used a paintbrush to drag the Glastique around. I kept going from the outside toward the center. With each swipe, I got a larger edge of Glastique on each side of the paintbrush, which I thought was a great way to add texture and a bit of shine. (In this picture, the Glastique is still wet, so it is opaque, but will dry clear.)

Be sure to wash your paintbrush immediately when doing this ... otherwise your bristles will be glued together!

Here is a photo after it dried ... notice the texture inside? In contrast, the outside frame is coated in Glastique Gloss straight from the bottle. Two great looks with one product!


linda said...

Great little tip for creating dimension and texture!

Mae Lewis said...

BEAUTIFUL! What a great idea!