Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tips & Tricks: Embossing Powders

Good morning! Chrissy here to show you how awesome our Piccolo Embossing Powders are. To showcase them, I chose the Steampunk Gears Piccolo Accents and some of the metallic embossing powders. You will also need the Piccolo Enamel Powder Adhesive. Without it, the embossing powders will not stick to the bookboard.

For the first gear, I just used one embossing powder, Copper Kettle, and gave it a total heat set. You can already tell how dimensional the embossing powders are. There is always going to be texture as well as a sparkle to catch the light and your eye.

Another technique these powders allow you to use is layering. Yes! Layering! For the second gear, I used Vintage Silver as a base layer, leaving some gaps in the powder. I also love the way this looks on its own. 

For the purposes of this technique, I did fill in the gaps with another color embossing powder. I used Mardi Gras and once again, did a total heat set. You can see how the Mardi Gras powder filled in the gaps as well as blended with the Vintage Silver to give it a more dynamic color.

You can experiment with color mixes as well as the heat set to achieve the look your project needs. Here is the completed set of gears with different color mixes as well as heat sets. These are some of the most dynamic embossing powders I have ever used.

Keep an out for a future project from using putting these gears and embossing powders to use! Thanks for taking a look!


Robin Horasanian said...

I love how thick these powders are. I used the stone color on a lighthouse card. Even though it was a detailed stamp, it gave it the perfect texture. I used Mudd Puddles for the sand and if my lighthouse had been flat the card would not have worked as well!

linda said...

so glad to hear how much you like our powders! said...

Great tip for bringing in a second color!