Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not your everyday Valentine's Day wreath

Hello all! It's Arin here and I'm back to share a sweet Valentine's Day wreath idea with you combining Globecraft and Piccolo products and an everyday household item you probably have lying around in your laundry room!

Love is in the air and so is my obsession love for clothespin wreaths. I wish this idea was my own, but sadly no. However, I saw the idea a while back and have been holding out making one specifically for Valentine's Day, using some of my favorite Globecraft and Piccolo products!

Arin Flynn
A Piece of Life's Pie
Materials List: 
  • G&P Key to My Heart Charm Set (used only the mini hearts and keys)
  • G&P Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze
  • G&P Glastique Matte Finishing Glaze
  • G&P Embossing Powder Adhesive
  • G&P Poodle Skirt Embossing Powder
  • G&P Berry Red 3D Enamel Gel
  • G&P Pink Rose 3D Enamel Gel
  • G&P Protectant Easy Grip Tweezers
  • Queen and Co Trendy Tape-Valentine's Day Collection
  • Recollections Tinsel Glitter- Cherry
  • Recollections Course Glitter -Cherry
  • Recollections Extra Fine Glitter -Cherry
  • 6 inch wire wreath (found at local craft store)
  • Rust-olium Painter Touch White Gloss Spray Paint
  • 19 wooden clothespins
  • Gesso white acrylic primer paint
  • Close to My Heart - Embroidery Floss Baby Pink and Cranberry
  • Recycled 1 1/2 inch ribbon from a gift from Pottery Barn Kids
  • Heat Gun
  • Foam paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Straight pin

Step 1: Prepping the wire wreath and clothespins:
Using a white spray paint, paint the wire wreath 2 coats per side and set aside. Prep clothespins by applying two coats of Gesso acrylic primer paint with a foam brush and let dry.

Step 2: Applying Piccolo Enamel 3D Gel to clothespins and Globlecraft and Piccolo book board charms: Apply Piccolo's Berry Red and Pink Rose 3D Enamel Gel to four clothespin tops and set aside to dry. Then apply Piccolo's Berry Red 3D Enamel Gel to one each of the mini hearts and mini keys from the Globecraft and Piccolo My Heart Charm Set. To assist in applying the 3D Enamel Gel to both the mini heart and key, use a straight pin. Set aside to dry. Repeat on other side.

Step 3: Applying Glastique Matte Finishing Glaze and Glitter to clothespins: Apply Glastique Matte Finishing Glaze to the top surface of of 3 clothespins, then dust each with glitter (used for this project was tinsel glitter, fine glitter and course glitter) and remove excess glitter and set aside to set and dry.

Step 4: Applying Embossing Enamel to clothespins and book board charms: Using Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive apply one coat to two clothespin top surfaces and to the mini heart and key charms from the My Heart Charm Set. Dust each with Piccolo Poodle Skirt Enamel Powder and use tweezers to handle the mini heart and key charm remove excess enamel powder. Set with a heat gun and let cool and then repeat the heat enamel process again two more times starting with the Piccolo Embossing Enamel each time (this will add a nice smooth texture, amazing depth of color, sparkle and dimension to the charms and clothespin surfaces). Once set and cool, repeat on other side of the key and heart. Once enamel powder is set and cool on both clothespins and charms, apply Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze to each area that has enamel powder (use straight pin to assist in applying Glastique on mini charms). Set aside to dry.

Step 5: Adding Washi tape to clothes pins: Using nine clothespins, secure the washi tape to the top surface of each clothespin and trim all edges to size to the top surface (lining up one edge of the washi tape to one side of the clothespin and trimming down the excess is a quick and easy method to this process).

Step 6: Securing clothespins to wreath and adding final touches: Once all components are ready, begin to assemble the wreath by attaching the clothespins inward clipping them to the first three wire rows in a pattern of choice, leaving about an 1 1/2 inch gap at the top of wreath for the charms and hanging ribbon. Using embroidery floss, hang the mini hearts and keys to the open 1 1/2 inch area (be sure to secure the heart and key by knotting it at the top of the charms). Loop the ribbon through the wreath and it is ready to be displayed.

To see how the other half of the Globecraft and Piccolo My Heart Charm Set was used to make a romantic and easy table-top decor to coordinate with this sweet Valentine's Day wreath, head over to my blog, A Piece of Life's Pie.


linda said...

This is such a cute wreath! I love all the different coatings on your clothespins. Love the way you dusted the clothespins with glitter after applying the Glastique.

Monica Edwards said...

Awesome idea Arin love it!! Gorgeous colors the clothespin seals the deal!

Mae Lewis said...

LOVE this!!!