Monday, January 13, 2014

Altered Bottle Caps | Love Hang Ups

Happy Monday!

i love saying that...

I have a wall of love in my home and am always in need of a few more magnets. Even if you don't have kids and a plethora of 'Good Job!' papers to hang, you may still want to make these.

They're cute and useful.

Did I mention really cute?

G&P Shopping List:
Enamel & Embossing Powder Adhesive Fluid

Enamel Powders:
Temple Stone
Poodle Skirt

Clear Thick Enamel Powder


your favorite Piccolo Accents 

Heat Tool
Craft Mat
metal bottle caps (rinsed and dried)
scraps of paper, stickers, sequins, etc. (I cut words from some packaging.)

Notes: Take your time. Let the Diva of Perfection go...because sometimes the powder moves in it's own direction!

The metal cap will get HOT! Be sure to use tweezers and let the cap cool as necessary before you handle it!

1.  Sprinkle a light layer of Stone Temple Enamel Powder into the bottle cap.

black, gray, white, gold

2.  Hold the bottle cap with the tweezers. Heating from underneath and about 5-6 inches away, slowly heat the bottle cap. Once the enamel starts to melt you can heat it from the top, starting 5-6 inches away until the powder no longer blows around.

3.  While still warm, add another layer of Stone Temple. Repeat Step 2.

4.  Repeat Steps 3 and 2 until you have the bottom of the cap covered.

 This is 3 layers.

5.  This time add a layer of the Clear Thick Enamel Powder. Repeat Step 2. Take your time. (It appears the Clear Thick Enamel Powder is heavier than the Stone Temple. It didn't mix as much as it moved the other powder. I LOVE this effect!) 
6.  Using the tweezers, hold the tiny heart. Using a paintbrush dab on the embossing fluid. Sprinkle the Poodle Skirt Enamel Powder on the heart and melt from underneath. Let cool before removing tweezers.

Look at the depth & detail of the Piccolo Enamel Powders (+ Clear Thick Enamel Powder)! Gorgeous!

7.  Repeat Step 5. While still warm begin to add your embellishments. Layering the Clear Thick Enamel Powder as you like.

Two layers.

Here you can see where the melted enamel moved across my sequin.
 Three layers. Done!

8.  Add your favorite kind of magnet to the back! Of course, you could also use this in another project, punch a hole to use it for a charm...I'm sure you'll think of something!

Last notes: I love that I didn't have to wait for stuff to dry, but you could use the Glastique or Instant UV Resin instead.  You can continue to layer more stuff into the cap whenever you want to. Added a tiny rhinestone to the 'empty' area in the top right of the cap.

Stop by the G&P store and check out the NEW ITEMS...I'm already working on a wishlist...

Well, that's it for today! See you here tomorrow with a fab project from Tracy!

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Tracy said...

What a fab idea ! love it x

Sandy Fredrick said...

Awesome idea, I love bottle caps the are so versatile.

Christi Conley said...

I have SO many bottle caps!! Going to go pull them out now - thanks for the inspiration ~ HUGS!!

Aimee said...

Angi I jut love this!