Friday, January 17, 2014

Happiness is a room full of Art Supplies

Aimee here!
I hope you've all had a wonderful week!
I've been busy in the crafty studio making all kinds of things.
Up for you today, I have another mini canvas. This one is ATC sized (2.5x3.5").
This is another project that sounds way more complicated than what it really is.
Hope ya like it!
What you need:
ATC canvas (I buy mine at Hobby Lobby)
Paint (I used Rustoleum Metallics, Luminous Pear)
Tiny Hole-less beads
Old book paper
Mod Podge
Heat gun
Rubber stamp (the one used here is a washi tape stamp from Viva Las Vegastamps!)
Staz On ink (black)
Epoxy sticker with saying or quote
Scrap of card stock or patterned paper
Heavy duty adhesive (I used Beacon 527 glue)
What to do:
1. Put a light cot of paint on the canvas (I just smeared it on with my finger). Let dry, or dry with heat tool.
2. Use the Mod Podge to adhere old book paper to the canvas. Use the heat tool and dry it about half way, then rip some of the paper off. let dry the rest of the way and smear a little more paint over the paper. Let dry.
3. Stamp in the upper left corner of the canvas.
4. Once everything is dry, it's time to get funky and add the enamel powders! Woohoo!! Open up the enamel adhesive and slap some on that canvas. Add metallic Copper powder, shake off the excess, and heat that baby up. Continue on with the other colors. Once the final color is on and melted, drop some tiny hole-less beads on it. Allow to cool thoroughly and then shake the loose beads off.
5. Now put your epoxy sticker onto the scrap of paper, trim around it, and set it aside.
6. Get your cute lil' flowers out and paint the stems & leaves. Now, coat each flower with the enamel gels and let them dry. Once dry, add bling centers.
7. Put your paper-backed epoxy sticker onto the canvas using heavy duty glue. Flip it over and slap a heavy book on it for awhile, to be sure that it really sticks.
8. Using a toothpick or something similar, put glue onto the backs of your flowers and arrange them on the canvas. Place that heavy book on top of it for a few minutes to stick those cuties down good.
9. Now, take the silver metallic enamel gel and go around your epoxy sticker's edges. While it's still wet, pour the tiny hole-less beads over the enamel gel. Let sit a few hours or overnight, and then shake off the excess beads.




Angi MakingMayhem said...

Your mini canvases look like so much fun to make! I can imagine a whole day devoted to these... This would be a great way to use up leftover powder, too. (When my powders get mixed up from my workflow, I just dump it all into a jar. You never know what you're going to get!)

leslierahye strickland said...

love your canvas!

maggiegracecreates said...

I love it too and Angie`s comment is a great idea too. I found myself zooming in to get a better look at the details.

Christi Conley said...

Beautiful!! It looks like SO much fun :)

Tracy said...

Oh wow this is really stunning ! xx

Sandy Fredrick said...

Love it!! Love the variety of enamels you used and the added texture of the beads. The Daisy Accents are a wonderful compliment to the piece. Beautiful!!