Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Mermaid wears her Heart on her Tears

Good Morning  from the frosty southern US. Teresa here and I'm back with this week's fun creation. 

Being on the design team, I am challenged to see how far the materials can be pushed and I really wanted to see how the Embossing Powders reacted to being applied to smooth metal.

So lets look at some steps for this one.

Gather the supplies
- embossing adhesive
- Mermaid Tears Embossing Powder
- gloss Glastique
- matte Glastique
- fine applicator tip

other supplies
-bracelet blank
- I used heart punches from a favorite paper.
- tiny paint brush
- heat gun

See how smooth and shiny the blanks are.

We have all advised you not to Squeeze the adhesive because the applicator tip will come off -- well this time take it off. 

Dip a tiny paintbrush into the adhesive and paint inside the shapes (yes it does "gather up"). I found that I could manage about three hearts at a time. 

Roll the container of the Mermaid Tears Powder to mix the particles and sprinkle in the shape then heat.

TIP - do not shake any excess off for this project.

I'm sharing this because I do not want you to think this is a panic moment. You will have to repeat the application process. I actually had to do three layers of application.

Simply repaint the adhesive - add powder - and heat.

After three layers I had this lovely - The Mermaid Tears is a beautiful mix of tan, white, silver, and some ocean blue and green bits.

I then used the Matte Glastique as an adhesive to hold my heart paper bits.

Let this dry.

TIP - I keep my fine applicator tips   (yes I have plural) stored in water in the vials they were shipped in. This keeps them from clogging with dried enamels and glastique. I also keep a container of water close by to drop them in until I can clean them out. The enamels and Glastique are soap and water clean up until they are dry.

After the hearts were dry in place, I add a layer of the GLOSS Glastique to each shape. Then I covered the whole thing with a box lid to keep from marring the finish while it all dries.

I left this overnight and this morning I found........

Gorgeous - the Glastique brings out the various colors in the enamel finish.

And I am quite happy to report that, yes, the enamel adhesive and powder do adhere quite well to the smooth metal finish.

Please visit the archives for even more design inspirations and some really great tutorials. 

Life is beautiful.

Teresa (aka MaggieGraceCreates)

All images can be clicked to see the various bits of the embossing powder. Simply beautiful.


Tracy said...

Wow this is beautiful !!! X

Sandy Fredrick said...

Wow that is a beautiful bracelet. I have a round one that I will have to try this on. Thanks for the inspiration.

Christi Conley said...

Lovely bracelet & thanks for the tips on keeping the tips clog free!

Aimee said...

This is so pretty!! I love it!