Monday, February 10, 2014

Too Much Happy Keychain

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Need a quick gift? Something cute and simple? How about a darling keychain?!

Like this one.

Start with a Rectangle Acrylic Craft Charm. For this project use a piece of kraft cardstock and stamp it with a woodgrain stamp. Place the charm on top of the woodgrain image and trace around. Cut out the charm shape. Squeeze Glastique Gloss onto the charm and lay the cutout on top. Flip over the charm and move the cardstock and Glastique around making sure to get all of the cardstock surface. Use a slightly dry baby wipe to wipe the excess from the edges.

At this point, you can stamp a fun sentiment using an ink formulated for nonporous surfaces, such as Ranger's Archival Ink in Jet Black directly onto the charm. Let dry.

While the ink and adhesive are drying, get your tiny hearts and stars. I chose my elements according to my kids. Using tweezers and a bit of patience, emboss those tiny bits using Embossing Powder Adhesive and your favorite Embossing Enamel Powders! I used Poodle Skirt and Deep Blue Sky.

{Edited to Add: I used an old emory (aka used) board, like those paper sanders you use for nails to sand off any excess bits of paper that were hanging off the charm. Sand only in the direction that doesn't pull your cardstock from the charm. To sand the hole for the chain, I wrapped a small piece of fine grit sandpaper around a toothpick. Again, sand in one direction to avoid tearing the cardstock. You can also use this method to sand off any bits of the piccolos, if necessary. Brush off all the dust.}

When the ink and Glassique are dry, it's time to give your charm some faux soldering! Pour some Vintage Copper Enamel Powder onto a scrap sheet of paper. Dab the Embossing Powder Adhesive onto the edges of the charm and then dip the edges into the powder.

Heat with a heat gun and when the powder has melted and looks like liquid, dip the edges in the powder, again. Heat. Repeat until you get some overflow of melted powder onto the front and back of the charm. Let cool completely.

Once cooled, add the tiny hearts and stars using Glastique. You can also coat the charm with a thin layer of Glastique or use the Instant UV Resin to make your charm more durable.

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Debbie's Time Out said...

Love the faux soldering look around the edges.

Sandy Hulsart said...

What a cute key chain and a great step by step, Angi. Love the hearts and star for the kids!

Sandy Fredrick said...

Awesome key chain, love the faux soldering look around the edge and the little blue star really pops along side the little pink hearts.

Calypso's Crafts said...

I love this!!! I love the personal touch you added with the hearts and star.