Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Love You Shaker Card ~

 Shaker cards are one of the things that used to amaze me when I first started to rubber stamp.  I thought they looked so amazingly cool and complicated!  I still love them and I enjoy making them.  I knew when I saw that some of Globecraft & Piccolo’s Accent sets included adorable little frames that many a shaker card would be born! And again, I created a card showing my love of using the nontraditional for holiday cards - you could make this for any holiday or just because! 

To make this card I used: 
The frame I used - check out all the others!!
First thing I did was stamp my sentiment on a piece of scrap white cardstock, then I cut it a bit smaller than an ATC – yes, the frames are ATC sized! – and made sure it fit the frame properly.  Set that aside.

Take your frame and cover with Embossing Powder Adhesive Fluid and emboss with Aged White Embossing Enamel, I embossed my frame twice and left it a bit bumpy, covering the frame with the embossing powder adhesive in between layers. If you prefer a smooth finish just keep repeating the embossing steps and heating until it becomes smooth – it shouldn’t take any more than 3 or 4 times to make the finish smooth.  I then edged the frame with my Krylon Leafing Pen in 14k gold, both the inside and the outside of the frame. 
Next, I glued the acetate window into the frame.  For me this is a tricky part because you really don’t want any fingerprints, or glue, to show on the acetate – luckily the piece I used had some tissue paper on one side and it was already cut to fit an ATC so it worked fine.  I used Crafters Pick to attach the acetate to the frame.  Set this aside so it can dry thoroughly, I typically wait until the next day, but that is because I do most of my crafting in the wee hours. 

Once your frame is dry it’s time to build the walls that are going to stop your filler from spilling all over the place.  I have some old foam tape that I use and I always use 2 layers so I can ensure the frame will be deep enough and I can sill in all the spots that may be an opening.  Since my tape is old, I use glue in between my 2 layers just to make sure it sticks to the frame and to each other.  

The start of my "walls"

Once my walls are built I put the frame under something medium weight, a book for example, and leave it there for a few hours to ensure I have a good bond.  Keep in mind how deep (high) your walls are when selecting filler – you can’t loose with sequins or glitter.  Because my color theme is gold and it’s a “love” card I chose some gold heart shaped sequins and some prisma glitter for my filler.  I put them in the center of my scrap where I stamped my sentiment.  This way you can see where you are attaching the frame. A few dabs of glue and attach your back to your frame. 
I glued my completed shaker onto my card that I made from the matte gold cardstock.  Then I took the accents I had chosen (both sets of Accents I used have a bunch of cute flourishes to choose from) and embossed those with the Vintage Gold embossing enamel, again embossing both twice.  After I was done, I used E600 glue to attach the Accents to the card because the cardstock was a bit slick.  I finished by edging the card with the Krylon Leafing Pen, again in the 14k gold, and I was done!
Another view of the card - it's difficult to photograph shiny things!!

I hope this inspires you to create your own shaker cards – they are so much fun! Enjoy! Christi   
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maggiegracecreates said...

All these years and I have NEVER made a shaker card. This is wonderful.

Sandy Hulsart said...

Christi, this is a wonderful example of a shaker card, the little gold hearts are perfect for shakers.

Sandy Fredrick said...

Love how you used the frame for your shaker card and the added flourishes really finish the look. Beautiful!!