Thursday, July 31, 2014

flight of fancy

Good morning everyone. Teresa here, actually not, I am at the beach, enjoying a little sand and salt water. I am however enjoying the advice of today's project.
A little airship advising to "Dream a little dream"
So let's get started. This one takes a little longer, but it is a lot of fun.

Note, the links to the supplies are at the bottom of this post.

Unpack and carefully punch out the components of the airship. (there is also an accessory package available) I also used a few of the "waste" parts from other kits as extra embellishments. 

Using a piece of clear acetate and a stamp of your choice, stamp and emboss an encouraging quote. I used the Embossing Adhesive and Micro Gold Embossing Powder. I allowed the static of the acetate to "keep" the fine dusting of the powder without the adhesive. By heating from the backside of the acetate, this left a faint dusting of the gold looking like a scattering of fairy dust.

Now lay the center of the airship over the stamped image. Mark this and trim to fit.


Now, using a paintbrush, carefully paint the Embossing Adhesive on the gears and emboss, them one at a time, using assorted Steampunk style colors of enamel. I used Copper Kettle and Vintage Black on these. Emboss both sides.

Emboss the remainder of the center piece of the Airship with  Starry Sky Enamel. This is a great space color. Dark blues, blacks gold's, and silver tones.

Go ahead click that next photo for a close up of the enamels.

Now the trim rings. I used Siam Silver for the base layer and since these are glued down, I only did one side. Then using my favorite and most versatile tool, my finger, I smeared the adhesive around the rings and sprinkled with Micro Black. I smeared off the excess and then embossed this, leaving a splotched, textured finish. 


For the embellishments, I used the smallest stars from the Star Charms kit, along with those "spare" bits that I keep. I coated these with the Metallic Gold 3D Enamel Gel and sprinkled them with glitter. The gel acts as an adhesive for the glitter. 

Glue the stamped acetate behind the center piece. Add the stars to the acetate front using Matte Glastique.


I did not want to be able to see through the ship, so I took the Metallic Gold 3D Enamel Gel and, again using my finger, smeared it all over the back of the acetate piece.

Glue all the layers together using the Glastique. And for a tiny bit of sparkle accent, I rubbed the plastic globes on some yarn, creating static and sprinkled with the glitter, then shook these off. This left just a dusting of the glitter and created a very dreamy effect.
Stack the layers, clamp and let dry overnight. Add the Embellishments to the nose and tail of the ship. let dry and it is ready to add a hanger and display.

Micro Gold Embossing Powder
Enamel Embossing Adhesive
Vintage Black Embossing Powder
Copper Kettle Embossing Powder
Starry Sky Embossing Powder
Siam Silver Embossing Powder
Micro Black Embossing Powder

This link goes to the main page for the powders. There are many to choose from .
 Embossing Powders

star charms CA126

Matte Glastique

Satin Gold 3D Enamel Gel

Clear acetate sheet

Stamp of your liking

copper extra fine glitter

Now have a little Steampunk fantasy of your own.


Sandy Fredrick said...

Awesome design on the Air Ship. Love the glitter on the stars and how you used the gel on the back of the acetate. Gorgeous!!!!

Angi MakingMayhem said...

This is so pretty! I would love to hang something like this in my studio...I guess I better get crafting!