Monday, July 7, 2014

Piccolo Vintage Clock Necklace Set

Sandy with you today and I have created a lovely pendant using my Piccolo Vintage Clock Necklace Set.  This is a fun set and I think it would make a good key chain fob as well.

I began by coating the base with Enamel Powder Adhesive Fluid and then heat embossing with Deep Blue Sky Enamel Powder.  I did this on both sides, holding it with tweezers when I heated the back so I did not mess up the front embossing.  I used Micro Gold for the clock face and the pendulum.  I wanted the round center in the face of the clock to look like glass, so I added a few layers of Instant UV Resin.  You can't see this in the photo, but it really is a cool effect.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Sandy Fredrick said...

Wow love the blue and gold combination and the added beads. Awesome!!