Thursday, July 3, 2014

just a note ....

Good Morning all. Teresa here with a quick and easy card design. 

My friend MaryAnn is so good about written mail --- me --- not so much. But I really appreciate a handwritten note. And I ALWAYS notice the details of the card artwork. 

This is a simple design, and it is very easy to accomplish. 

Lets Shop 
 - Package of Rectangle Bezels (there are four in the pack and my card used three) 

Card Blank 
Assorted Papers to fit your theme 
Glue (I used tacky glue) 
Emery Board

First - Coat the Cherchio key with the enamel gel and let it dry. I only did one side since I was planning to glue this down. 

While that dries, prep the remainder of the items.

I trimmed the rings off the bezels, leaving me with these great rectangles.

Coat two of the rectangles with Glastique.

NOTE - the glastique does not cause the paper to ripple and distort like some glues can.

Adhere the paper to your rectangle. Wait for that to dry.

For the third rectangle, emboss it with two layers of the STARRY SKY enamel powder. Again - just one side will be fine, since we will glue these down.

Once the papers have dried, trim them closely to the rectangle shape.

Then using the emery board, slightly distress the edges.

Now - decide a pleasing arrangement and glue your rectangles down -- I love the 3d "pop" that slight raised gives -- yet it is still flat enough to fit the envelope and won't add extra postage.

Now add embellishing as desired. I chose some coordinating strips of paper.

Finally - add the key to the embossed rectangle.

Ready to send a quick note to a friend.

Please - come back to see all of the inspiration in the blog. I took time to go back through the archives one evening and discovered that there is a ton of inspiration and advice in them.

Have a great weekend.

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Sandy Fredrick said...

Wonderful note card, I love the idea of the 3 different rectangles for your design.