Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Happy Thursday. Teresa here again with a wonderful altered pendant. I love the way the enamels adhere to practically everything, giving us a ton of options for surface embellishing. 

Then adding the UV cure resin to seal it all gives us even more options. 

I actually made two of these - one to send to GlobeCraft and Piccolo and one that is hanging on a large lighthouse in my home.

Here is the shopping list.

real rust enamel powder
Enamel Adhesive
Instant UV Resin
Glastique Gloss 

There is full tutorial of the process for enameling the metals here and here. All it takes is time and patience for this process.

Another really great item is a toaster oven. Line the sheet with foil to protect the cooking surface and place the items under the broiler.

The Real Rust Powder is my current favorite - using the toaster oven allowed me to watch it carefully and stop the process of the melt with a lot of texture left so that the metal keeps a rust color AND texture. This powder mixes are amazing especially if you are covering a fairly large and smooth surface. This pendant has three layers of the powders on it.

While the pendant is cooling, make your accent. This one features an image from a lighthouse themed postage stamp. I took a clear glass flat backed marble (floral marble) and traced the shape on the image, then cut it out. The marble magnifies the image a bit.

I then used the Glastique to adhere the image to the marble and let it dry. Glastique is a wonderful paper adhesive. There is no wrinkling of the paper at all and it dries completely clear. Perfect for adhering images behind glass.

After the image dried, I again used the Glastique as an adhesive, attaching the image and the words (cut from a magazine article) to the pendant. I allowed all of this to cure overnight.

After everything cured overnight, coat everything but the marble with a thin layer of the Instant UV Resin and cure that in the sun or under a UV lamp. Adding the UV Resin to the pendant both seals and adds even more security to the image under the stone.

Hang your ornament with pride.

here are some more ideas for using the Glastique to mount images behind glass.
- pendant bezels
- photo frames
- magnets
- memory jars.
- Christmas Ornaments

Have a wonderful afternoon.


Angi MakingMayhem said...

Pretty pendant, Teresa! Great texture with the powders...I think I may have to make a trip to the thrift store for a few spoons for Christmas ornaments!

Sandy Fredrick said...

Beautiful, I love the little lighthouse in the design.