Thursday, August 14, 2014

Love is a many splendored thing.

Happy Thursday. Teresa here with a word canvas that would be a great gift for a special friend. There are some fun techniques in this too.

So let's gather the things we need. (links at end of post)

A small canvas
Enamel Adhesive
Small paintbrush
Heat gun
Various Enamel Powders
     I used Deep Blue Sky, Ruby Red Slippers, Mermaid Tears, Cranberry Wine,
     Siam Silver, Victorian Bronze, Gilded Rose Gold, Royal Sterling, Mardi Gras, Bahama
     Aqua, Turquoise Lagoon, Shamrock Dreams.
"Love" Piccolo
Latex Paint (I used my favorite pale grey)

Now for the fun.

Paint your canvas with latex paint and let dry completely. I spritzed mine with a bit of watered down charcoal as well.

Trace or freehand a heart shape on the canvas.

Using the Enamel Adhesive and Bahama Aqua Embossing Powder, coat the word and emboss. set aside.

Also set aside the Ruby Red Slippers and Mermaid Tears Powder.


 Using a small paintbrush and the Enamel Adhesive, paint an area of your choice. Cover with the powder and emboss. Once the powder has cooled, you can layer other colors on or alongside it.

Keep adding small sections of the colors, until you have filled the heart shape.

I found the colors to be a bit strong for my liking, and decided to "Blend" them using a layer of Mermaid Tears Powder. To keep this layer lighter and not completely cover the other colors, I dipped my finger in the Embossing adhesive and spread it all aver the heart shape. This left a lighter, random feel to the embossing.

See those speckles? they may be my favorite part of this. I truly wanted sprinkles on my canvas. Using the adhesive left me with too thick of a background, so I experimented a bit. (latex paint is the trick here since it gets sticky when you heat it)

Pour a small amount of Mermaid Tears and Ruby Red Slippers Powder in your hand, mix well. sprinkle around the heart using your fingers (much like adding a pinch of salt when cooking).

Lift your canvas and start heating from underneath the canvas with your heat gun. As you see the powder start to melt, bring the heat to the front of the canvas and emboss to your liking.

This will complete the background.

Add your word to the canvas. Glue down with a heavy bodied, clear drying glue.

Now that was easy wasn't it?

Here are your links.....

Enamel Powder Adhesive
Enamel Powders of your choice
"Love" word piccolo

Have a wonderful weekend.


Sandy Fredrick said...

Awesome design, love how you enameled the heart and added the speckles.

Angi MakingMayhem said...

How pretty! What a great way to use up 'party mix' and small amounts of embossing enamels.