Sunday, August 19, 2012

Do You Decorate Your Globe??

Good morning, Pinky here with a fun little project today!

When you grab your beautiful Easel Greetings and Clear Photo Bubbles
do you decorate your bubble? I do!
You can see this fun glittery word I applied to this card. 
Let me share with you how I made this happen!

 Step 1. Cut out Design Adhesive. 
Step 2. Apply Adhesive carefully, press firmly all around, then slowly peel off. 
 Step 3. Using ultra-fine glitter, dust design adhesive.
Step 4. Shake off excess, remove cling glitter using a swiffer duster or any
anti cling dust rag.
Step 5. Coat Little Traditional Oval Frame with adhesive then ultra-fine glitter.
 Step 6. Allow to dry and shake off all excess glitter. 
 Step 7. Coat using Glastique as shown in photo below. 
Allow ample time for drying. 
 Step 8. Cover Easel Greetings card with adhesive then coordinating paper. 
Step 9. Trim off excess. Apply flowers. 
Step 10. Trim off excess paper. 
Step 11. Using strong adhesive, adhere frame and bubble to front of card. 
 You could also punch holes into card base and set jewelry inside

The option are endless.
Next time you grab your globes, remember to decorate them too. 
Until next time.

Products Used: Little Traditional Oval Frame
Easel Greetings
Clearsnap Glitter & Design Adhesive
Prima Flower
Momenta Paper

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Camille Short said...

Great project! You have an incredible amount of patience to be putting that name in glitter! LOL!