Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Santa's List Ornament

Good morning, Steph here with another GCM Ornament.  This time I used the Santa's List Ornament.  Since these ornaments are in pieces, it's so easy to decorate them just the way you want!

I first used Mossy Glen on the outer rings.  This is such a pretty color and perfect for Christmas themed projects.  Then, along the very edges of the rings I used Copper Kettle.  Holding the Adhesive at an angle, I was able to add Copper Kettle exactly where I wanted it.  This additional color added a nice pop of color to the globe.

On Santa, I used Girls Night Out.  I wanted some deep color, so I coated Santa in 3 layers, heat setting between each layer.  To create the overall look of Santa I created a mask of Santa, then cut out the areas where I wanted to add another color.  I placed the mask on Santa, added some Piccolo Adhesive, then added Pure Silver Sparkle on the top of Santa's boots, the bottom of Santa's cloak and the edge of Santa's hat.  The mask helped keep the Silver in just the areas I wanted it to be.

Lastly, I coated Santa's List with Mermaid Tears.

After assembling, I finished off the globe by added Pointsettias and leaves in the corner and a large sheer ribbon at the top.

Thanks for stopping by today. 

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