Friday, August 10, 2012

His Teddy

There is nothing better than a teddy bear to bring a smile to your face.  Kids love them.  Adults love them.  Globecraft Memories has this fabulous Teddy Bear Bubble Frame and I was thrilled to work with it today.  It's a little different from the other globes in that everything is prepared for you from the color to the individual pieces that create the dimension.  All you do is put it together.

The package contains 3 sheets of perforated die cut teddy bear pieces, the globe and the adhesive squares.

You simply seperate the pieces.  Now the fun begins!

Using the "whole" Teddy Bear as the base, insert the stand in the back and cut a photo to fit within the confines of its tummy.  Glue the photo in place and glue the bubble on top of the photo, then just hold it in place until it dries.

Those white squares are where you now place the foam adhesives.  There is NO guess work on how to assemble Teddy.  Since the foam adhesives are black, they naturally blend in with Teddy's colors.

 Continue to add the layers and the foam adhesives until Teddy is complete.

Look how fun the foam adhesive makes Teddy look.  It's a perfect 3 dimentional Teddy that can be placed on any shelf in the house, even the mantle.

Teddy is completed, but I wanted to add just a little something else.  I added some Temple Stone to his paws, his nose and inside his ears.  It really adds a nice finished look.  Don't you love the added effect these powders give Teddy!

While I put a photo of my son in the globe, you could also put in baby memorabilia, a lock of hair, the first lost tooth, etc.  The possibility are endless, so have fun creating Teddy and don't forget to check out the store for other varieties of frames to work with.

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