Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tips for 3D Enamel Gels and Piccolo storage

Polymer clay mushrooms with Napthol Red & Titanium White 3D Enamel Gel.
Hello! Tracy here with two tips for Globecraft & Piccolo products.

As you already know G&P's 3D Enamel Gels can be applied to so many surfaces. From paper, chipboard, acrylic, ceramic and plastic (and so much more!), but did you know you can apply it to polymer clay?

After baking a polymer clay piece, prepare the surface for the 3D Enamel Gel. Degrease the clay with liquid soap and water, this helps remove any oil left from your fingers. If you do not do this the oils can prevent glazes and enamels from properly curing, leaving a sticky feel. Once the piece is clean and dry you can apply any 3D Enamel Gel! 

Now onto Piccolos!

I love Piccolos but I was having a problem keeping track of all of them. I had put them in baggies and small envelopes but that did not lend well to sorting quickly for a project. While doing some bead work I stumbled upon the idea of using bead storage bins to place the Piccolos in!

Now I can separate all of my Piccolos from their backing and sort them according to shape and size. The bins protect the delicate pieces and the semi clear plastic makes it easy to find the perfect Piccolo quickly!

Until next time, Safe Travels!


linda said...

That mushroom is just too cute! And, thanks for the Piccolo storage idea. Mine are everywhere is baggies - this is such an easy storage for them.

Art Resurrected said...

Storage of supplies it seems to be the never ending quandary of all artists. I am glad I found this one, now for the rest of my supplies. LOL

Mae Lewis said...

Looks incredible! Great ideas Tracy!

Arin said...

I love these! So whimsy great ideas!