Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ring in some pure sparkle!

Arin Flynn
A Piece of Life's Pie
Oh my . . . it is already the day after Christmas! Thankfully, we have a magical evening of bubbles and reflections of both the past year and the holiday sparkle to still enjoy. 

Speaking of sparkle, I must introduce you to some of the most amazing sparkle I have seen and worked with, Piccolo Sparkle Glitter! I am a glitter nut and I have worked with the gamut of different glitters and this product is by far straight from Tinker Bell's stash. Unlike the traditional square glitter, this product is made with multidimensional round individual glitter which makes for the most natural and brilliant sparkle I have ever seen.  

The coverage is amazing and coupled with Glastique, projects will have less waste, secure hold, and an astounding amount of sparkle!

To see more on how this glittery winter snowflakes is made using both Piccolo Pure Sparkle Silver Glitter and Glastique Matte, feel free to head on over to my blog!

2 comments: said...

The glitter is amazingly sparkly! Great tip using the Glastique as the adhesive!

DeeDee said...

This sparkle is SO pretty! I love the colors it has in it.