Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Adding a hint of enamel color

Some may think our Globecraft & Piccolo ornaments are best reserved for Christmas, but I beg to differ. I've used them for just about everything except Christmas! I love to use clip art images in them with a cute little quote and give them as gifts, or I hang them from cabinet doors, lamp knobs or drawer pulls as a little decoration. I've even used them to create a banner to hang across an altered window.

They are terrific to use on altered mini book covers and they work great on canvases to protect whatever it is you'd like to tuck inside them.

This time I experimented with our 3D Enamel Gels and only half of a DIY Portrait Ornament.

Here's what I used:
Linda Neff
  • G&P DIY Portrait Ornament
  • G&P Glastique Gloss
  • G&P Cobalt Turquoise 3D Enamel Gel
  • G&P Titanium White 3D Enamel Gel
  • G&P Burnt Umber 3D Enamel Gel
  • Vintage Dress Forms Accents
  • Fairy & Dragon Wings Accents
  • embossing folder
  • binder clips or clip clothespins
I processed the interior oval (which I usually never use) and the outer rings through an embossing folder to add some fine detail.

Then I coated the embossed outer rings and the larger plain inner ring with Glastique Gloss. I had fun here and used the finger application method, which means - squeeze some Glastique onto the bookboard pieces and spread it with your finger! What's great about the Glastique is that it doesn't get tacky on your fingers so you can continue to work without the pieces sticking to your fingers. 

I also spread the Glastique onto the Dressform and Fairy Wings and sprinkled the Fairy Wings with a bit of Sand Ultrafine Art Glitter. Using the same finger-application method, I applied Titanium White 3D Enamel Gel to the embossed inner oval then set all those pieces aside to dry. They dry rather quickly because of the thin coating.

I wanted to bring a bit of color, but keeping with a nice soft look, so settled on using the Cobalt Turquoise and Burnt Umber 3D Enamel Gels. I again used the finger-application method to swirl on the turquoise then the burnt umber. The gels dry quickly with this method so I was able to really play with the colors to get just the right amount of each. Look at that background - fun, fun, fun!

Once all the gels and Glastique pieces were totally dry I added a few words cut from a printed sheet of white cardstock. The words are adhered with the Glastique as well as the general assembly. Rather than sit and hold my rings together till the Glastique sets, I prefer to use binder clips or clip clothespin.

Don't worry if a small amount of the Glastique oozes out from the ring. Just leave it dry. It will dry clear and usually if I try to clean it up when it's wet I just create a mess - it's best just to let it dry. It doesn't show afterward.

When the ornament is completely dry, remove the clips and add a pretty ribbon. Because this is flat on the back, it can be used on a book cover or canvas by snipping the hangar loop off the top. Or leave the loop with a pretty ribbon or beaded hook in it and hang it for ornamentation.

Visit my blog to see another project I'm working on using Globecraft & Piccolo products.

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Candy Spiegel said...

Great idea! I made flat ornaments, too, this year!