Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sometimes simple is best ...

Sometimes it's the simplest techniques that result in a beautiful finish that thrill me the most. In this case it's Globecraft & Piccolo's Glastique used on the company's piccolo bookboard pieces.

The wings here were simply covered with Glastique Gloss then I pinched a very small amount of our Pure Sparkle Glitter and left it sit to dry. So easy, so beautiful. The Glastique provides a protective coating but what I love most is the natural beauty of the bookboard coloring that just pops when coated with Glastique.

You can see it here on the Piccolo bookboard accents as well. All you need to do is use the fine-tip applicator on the bottle of Glastique and gently squeeze out a thin line on top of the accent pieces. The Glastique will self-level over larger areas and I'm careful not to squeeze out too much. I want it all to lay on top of the bookboard so when it dries it also adds a bit of dimension.

Glastique is also a great collage medium, sealer and liquid adhesive. It's nice to have one bottle in your arsenal of supplies that serves so many purposes. I also recently used Glastique as a medium to transfer a photo onto a window pane. You can see that on my blog:

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Donna said...

LOVE this!!

Chrissy said...

This is GORGEOUS! I just love all of it!!!