Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blending 3D Enamels

Hey, it is Laura today. You may have already guessed, but I just LOVE the Piccolo 3D Enamel Gels. I have been collecting the wide range of colors. One of the features of these wonderful gels is their ability to stay where you put them. But what do you do if you want a little bit of blending between the colors? Use a toothpick, like I did here.

Just move the color from one section into the other with the toothpick. You can blend it as gradually or as specifically as you want. Here, I am blending it to create streaks going from one color into the next.
The finished look? Here it is:

It was all part of the frame that you see here.

I hope this tip has helped you figure out new ways to use your enamels.