Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Creating a Globecraft Rosary

For many years now, I have created and given rosaries to my family members for special occasions like First Communions or Confirmations. The organization of the beads on a rosary represents different types of prayers. If you want to learn more about praying a rosary, this site seems to be a pretty good resource.

This rosary takes a few liberties in the construction, but would be perfect for kids to use or even to create in a  religious education class. Although it is very large, it is really inexpensive and a lot of fun to create. Here is how:


1)  Paint the beads white. It helps to put them on a skewer to hold them. You can set them on the jar to dry and toss them in when they are done.

2)  Open the Globecraft Embossing Powder Adhesive and dip the small brush in. Use to paint a design on the wooden beads. Don't forget the top and bottom.

3)  Pour the Vintage Silver Embossing Powder over the top of the bead.

4)  Heat set. Don't get too close while you do this (like I tend to) or you will experience bubbling in the melted embossing powder. If is happens, back the heat off a little and wait until the bubbling is over before you turn off the heat gun. Let cool.

5)  Place five beads on a skewer with a little masking tape between them. This will make it easier to paint with the gels.

6)  Squirt some enamel on a craft sheet. Use this as your palette for painting. I started with the darker of the two turquoise colors and then, in order, the lighter turquoise, dark blue, green and white. I used the fine paint brush, did all 5 beads at once, and blended a little with the brush. Set over jar to let dry.

7)  When beads are dry, make a circle of Glastique around the diameter of a bead. Brush over the whole bead with a medium sized paint brush. Repeat for all the beads. Let dry completely.

8)  Dab on Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive with the dabber top and sprinkle with Vintage Silver Embossing Powder. Heat set with the heat too. Use one coat on the back and two on the front of each piece. Hold upright with tweezers while heating.

9)  Adhere the rhinestone to the center of the cross.

10) Use Piccolo Instant UV Resin on the back of the heart and the cross. Use a toothpick or paintbrush to spread it.

11)  Cure by placing in sunlight or using a manicurist's UV light.

12)  Repeat on the front of the cross and heart.

13)  To build the rosary, make a knot about 1 1/2" up from the end of the silk cord. Slip a bead on and push it all the way down onto the knot. Tie a knot that butts up to the other side of the bead. Tie a second knot, place another bead and tie off. Repeat in a pattern all the way around. Make 10 beads close together, then a single one 1 1/2" away, and then another 10 close together, etc. The pattern is 10 close, one separate, 10 close, one separate, 10 close, one separate, 10 close, one separate, 10 close. Then, leave another 1 1/2" and cut. Tie both cut ends to the top of the heart. Tie part of the rest of the strand to the bottom of the heart. Leave 1 1/2" and tie in another bead. Leave 1 1/2" and start a unit of 3 close beads. Another 1 1/2" and a separate bead. A final 1 1/2" and the cross. It is easier than it sounds.

This is what the close together beads look like.

Here is what the heart attachment looks like.

This is what the whole arrangement looks like.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. You certainly don't have to make a rosary to make and use these Faux Glass Beads or to create a cross or heart that you can use in jewelry making.

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