Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sharing the uncoventional

Arin Flynn
A Piece of Life's Pie
Hello, it is Arin again and I am pulling away from my little oasis I call my craft room to share with you a couple of ways you can use Globecraft & Piccolo's Embossing Powders that are not your average conventional ways you would use them.

First you can upgrade a plain MDF craft letter to having a rustic full metal jacket look by applying Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive in a dabber bottle and then dusting it with Piccolo Vintage Silver Embossing Powder, shaking off the excess and setting it with a heat gun.   

This next idea came to me as I was crunched for time and needed to add a little bling to my home-crafted felt roses. I did not have time to wait for glue and glitter to set and dry and I thought about applying some embossing powder to it. It worked!

All I did was take a small Q-tip like brush and dip it into the Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive and applied it to various areas around the felt rose. I then dusted those areas with Piccolo Siam Silver Embossing Powder and brushed off the excess and slowly heated the area with a heat gun (take care in this step to not get the felt too hot, or it will melt).  

As you can see, Piccolo Embossing Powders not only add a level of elegance and beauty to a project, they can also act as a great staple in any crafter's supply stash.

Check your local scrapbook or stamp store for our Piccolo products or click the link below to shop if you can't find them locally. Be sure to share your Globecraft & Piccolo product projects with us on the Globecraft & Piccolo Facebook Page!


Monica Edwards said...

Gorgeous job Arin - very unique!! said...

Love the embossing powder on the felt flowers! Great idea!