Saturday, March 2, 2013

Etching with embossing powder

Hi everyone, Monica here again to share another Globecraft & Piccolo project. Today I am sharing an angel wing bezel jewelry piece made with Victorian Bronze Embossing Powder and a rubber stamp.

Monica Edwards
Simply Monica
  • G&P Victorian Bronze Embossing Powder
  • G&P Assorted Bezels
  • Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive
  • Baroque rubber stamp - Judikins
  • Heat tool

Apply Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive to the to the bezel.

Sprinkle on the Victorian Bronze Embossing Powder; heat set.

Repeat the layer by applying a second coat of Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive then sprinkle on a second coating of the Victorian Bronze Embossing Powder.

While the embossing powder is still warm and juicy press your rubber stamp in to it.

You can see the stamped design in the embossing powder on the bezel. The thicker the layers of powder the deeper it will etch.

Finished piece.

I added a charm piece to the end for some additional flair.


kristie said...

this is beautiful Monica!

linda said...

Gorgeous pendant.Love the etching into the juicy embossing powder.

Mae Lewis said...

Oh my, this is absolutely stunning. Beautiful, beautiful jewelry Monica! I would buy this if I saw it in a store!

Art Resurrected said...

Lovely work Monica! :)

Jessica Kephart said...

This is beautiful Monica!!!