Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Frame Card

Hiya all, Tracy here. 
I wanted to show you how beautiful the Piccolo Frames look when used on a card. 
Here is what I have created: 

And here is how I created it.

First of all here is all the items you will need-

Cardstock cut to 10x8" and folded in half for your card blank, and a Piece of watercolour card cut to 4x3"
Paper & Ribbon of your choice
Inkpad for Background & Stamping

Cut your card blank, and also make sure your piece of water colour card fits well behind the frame. 

Using blue Distress ink cover your Watercolour card, you want this too be patchy as represents the Sky. 

A good tip I use is to give a light spray of water over the top of the card, this helps "soften" the distress ink and makes it look more sky like. 

 Take your frame that comes with your Butterfly Flurry Flourishes Piccolo Set and give a nice layer of  Enamel & Embossing Powder Adhesive Fluid

Apply a nice thick layer of  Mermaid Tears Embossing Powder...I love how this picture shows all the beautiful colours in this powder. Tap off the excess & set with your heat tool. 

Take the butterflies from the Butterfly Flurry Flourishes Piccolo Set and emboss with Mermaid Tears Embossing Powder

Take the Tall Grassy Flowers Stamp and stamp up your card. 
I used Green Distress ink for this. 

Once stamped I then used Aged White Embossing Powder on the heads of the flower grass and sprainkled some across the bottom, heat set this from underneath your card. 
Glue your frame and butterflies to your watercolour card. 

Assemble your card using your paper, ribbon & frame.  Here is a closer look at the Flowers & Butterflies. 

Finishing touch is done using the brilliant Satin Silver 3D Enamel Gel , put 3 dots in the corner of your card. 

And here is the finished card again. I do hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial. 
Don't forget to head on over to Globecraft &Piccolo Facebook Page to share your creations, and pick up some inspiration. 


maggiegracecreates said...

you used the two powders on this one that I ADORE and can't decided which is my favorite.

This is super pretty.

Sandy Fredrick said...

Love how you colored the background for the frame and the added Aged White on the flowers. Reminds me of Springtime (it can't get here soon enough).

Christi Conley said...

Wow! I love the little framed picture - it's so detailed!