Friday, January 10, 2014

I Hope to "Inspire" You Today

Hello my lovelies! Aimee here with my very first design team project.
I do hope you like it!!
This itty bitty cutie would make a great gift or perfect décor for some small space in your home.
Don't let the directions fool ya, it doesn't take long to create.
What ya need:
2x2" canvas
Piece of old book paper
Mod Podge
A flower (this one is from Prima)
Heat gun
Paint (I used Rustoleum Metallic Accents in Luminous Pear)
Scrap of card stock or patterned paper
Heavy duty glue (I use Beacon 527 glue)
Epoxy sticker wit a saying or quote
Piccolo Charm- Vintage Birdcage
What to do:
1. Mod Podge that old book paper to the canvas. Let it dry (or blast it with your heat gun)  . *note* you could skip this step since by the time the canvas is complete, you really can't see the paper, but I like the additional texture. Rub some paint over it with your finger. Let it dry
2. Open up your enamel adhesive fluid and dot it all over the canvas. DO NOT SQUEEZE!! DID YA HEAR ME!?!? DO NOT SQUEEZE IT, or you WILL be sorry! Now put some Turquoise Lagoon enamel powder on there, shake off the excess, and heat it up with your heat gun. Let it cool down (won't take long) and repeat this process with each color... Let them mingle together as you heat them up.
3. Now get out your sweet little bird cage. We are only using one part of it for this project. Take that bird cage and coat it with the enamel adhesive, and then cover with Brownstone enamel powder. Remove the excess, and heat that baby up to melt the powder and activate the adhesive. Let it cool and flip it over. Using a toothpick or something else teeny tiny, put some glue on the back of the bird cage and adhere it to a piece of paper. Let it dry and then trim around it.
4. Put some glue on the back of your epoxy sticker and adhere it to the canvas. Flip it over and put a book on it for a few minutes to be sure it sticks down really well. Repeat with the sweet little bird cage. Add your flower (use the same heavy duty glue), and you're done.




Tracy said...

Aww this is fantastic !! x

maggiegracecreates said...

this is adorable and I would so hang it by the refrigerator at my house.

I love the note about squeezing the adhesive bottle ---- I'm a memeber of the "you will be sorry" club.

Globecraft Piccolo said...

Beautiful piece of art! Love the mix of enamels!

Angi MakingMayhem said...

Yes, I'm inspired! Great piece, Aimee. This would look lovely sitting on a mini easel on my desk...just sayin'! ;)

Sandy Fredrick said...

Awesome, I love the enamel colors you chose and the texture you gave the piece. Love how the birdcage fits in with the rest of the elements.

Madge Gillen said...

This is great!!! Wows the birdcage is perfect and all of the steps you took to create this look is amazing love!!! Loves- madge