Thursday, June 26, 2014

FLY ---

Good Morning. Teresa here again with another fun mixed media pendant ----- 

I LOVE the versatility of the Enamel Powders -- and the Enamel Adhesive makes it so easy to use these in unconventional ways. Even on metals - I've used another spoon bowl for this, but you could use it on many other pendant blank forms -

So let's shop -

Fine Feathers Necklace Set
Enamel Adhesive
Enamel Powders (link goes to the main category - I have used Royal Sterling and Turquoise Lagoon)
UV Resin  - this will cure in sunlight, but I used a UV light that I purchased at a salon supply (Sally).

Here we go.

See the damaged spoon. I make bracelets from the handles, as well as pendants and ornaments from the bowls. I embellish these in a collage manner, but some are too damaged for a transparent finish. Enamel Powder Colors are perfect for this.

I took the dauber from the enamel powder adhesive and poured a bit in another container.

Dip a small paintbrush in a coat the interior of the spoon bowl.

Using a heat gun - emboss this layer.

Just an FYI - a toaster oven works for this too and it doesn't blow ANY loose powder around. Just line the tray with foil if you will be using it for food prep as well and watch it carefully.

I used two coats of Royal Sterling Enamel Powder on this one.

Now for the special effects stuff.

Emboss a single feather with the Turquoise Lagoon Powder. This is a blue and aqua and silver and sparkly combination - simply wonderful.

Add a thin layer of resin to the spoon bowl and place the feather into position. Place under UV light (or in the sun) to cure (takes about 3-5 minutes).

add another layer of resin to adhere some tiny rhinestones -

Repeat curing process.

I love that the resin continues to add depth to the collage elements.

Now that I have a WONDERFUL way to cover the damage from years of use, I'll be making even more pendants and ornaments.

Have a wonderful Thursday -


grandmad1ana said...

BEE-OO-TI-FUL!! I love it. Great idea...

Sandy Fredrick said...

Wow love the color combination of the enamels and the simple design of the one leaf as the focal point of the pendant.