Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Lovin' Altered Phone Stand

Showcasing a favorite picture with Globecraft & Piccolo Enamel Powders and Accents is easy! Especially if you have picked up an inexpensive cell phone stand that is in desperate need of a makeover!

Here's what you'll need from the G&P Shop:

Other supplies:
EP "party mix"
("party mix" is any leftover Enamel Powder that couldn't go back into the original container because it got 'contaminated' with another color or glitter. I mix these together in my "party mix" jar.)
cell phone stand
Tim Holtz hinge clip

Not a lot of steps for this project. Trim and adhere your patterned paper to the stand. Make sure to smooth out any wrinkles. Squeeze a tiny amount of Glastique onto a plastic lid, add a tiny bit of water and cover the paper. Let dry.

Working on one area at a time, use the Enamel Adhesive on the crown. Sprinkle on your EP "party mix" and melt. Add more layers of "party mix" while still warm. (Remember - if your phone stand is metal it will get HOT as you heat it.) The crown has 3 layers of "party mix."

While still warm, sprinkle Mermaid Tears over the crown. Heat and then let cool.

Do the same for the bottom lip of the stand.

When the stand is cool, adhere accents and bling using Glastique. Adhere hinge clip using E600.

That's it! Add a favorite photo and display!

Inky hugs,


Christi Conley said...

I absolutely ADORE this!! How cute!! I need one of these :)

Sandy Fredrick said...

Love how you altered the phone stand. Awesome design with the corner pieces and flourish.