Thursday, June 5, 2014

Angel Words (new items)

Good morning. Teresa here again with todays fun offering. 

I love fonts. And I love word art. So when I first saw the new words that GlobeCraft was introducing, I was thrilled. 

I immediately knew I was going to make a canvas. 

Let's Shop ----

Blessings Word Accent
Celebrate Word Accent
Cherish Word Accent
Create Word Accent
Dream Word Accent
Enjoy Word Accent
Family Word Accent
Friends Word Accent
HappinessWord Accent
Inspire Word Accent
Laugh Word Accent
Love Word Accent
Smile Word Accent

Aged White Enamel Powder
Mermaid Tears Enamel Powder
Pure Platinum Enamel Powder
Vintage Silver Enamel Powder
Vintage Gold Enamel Powder

Embossing Enamel Adhesive


16x20 prepped canvas
Paint and Paintbrush (I used latex in Whitecap grey)
Glue (I used a quick dry tacky glue)
Lace (this was a vintage tablecloth edging)
Buttons/Rhinestones for accents

And here we go.

This is a prepped canvas and would be completely ok as is, but I lean more towards warm tones so I painted mine my favorite Pantone Color (Whitecap Grey) which is actually more of a cream color than a grey. 

After the paint dried, I took my words and the lace edging and worked out my layout directly on the canvas. 
(the above photo was taken with my phone - I intended to use it only for my reference, but then decided that this was a good tip to take a digital image so that you do not forget what you decided to do) 

Glue your edging to the canvas with the tacky glue. And set that aside to dry.

I had chosen the 5 different enamels listed above and I wanted a random effect. So I gathered my words and sorted them into 5 stacks. Then embossed the words. Some got only one coat and some got two. That is personal preference on the look you are trying to achieve.

Here are the Powders that I used (matched to words).

FAMILY - Mermaid Tears

BLESSINGS - Pure Platinum

LAUGH - Vintage Silver

CREATE - Vintage Silver

DREAM - Vintage Gold

CELEBRATE - Mermaid Tears

ENJOY - Aged White (2 layers)

LOVE - Mermaid Tears

SMILE - Aged White (2 layers)

HAPPINESS - Pure Platinum

CHERISH - Mermaid Tears

INSPIRE - Vintage Gold

FRIENDS - Mermaid Tears

Using your reference picture (or notes), glue your words to the canvas and set aside to dry.

Add your embellishments. I used mother of pearl buttons on the canvas and the lace accent and some flat acrylic rhinestones on the "i" in the words that contained that letter.

That detail above is of the vintage silver powder - I LOVE the hammered metal look it has.

There you have it. An Angel Words canvas, ready to gift or display.


Sandy Fredrick said...

Wonderful canvas, love the vintage of the lace, pearls and colors of enamels you used.

Globecraft Piccolo said...

This is gorgeous! Love the colors and design. What a beautiful piece of art!