Thursday, June 12, 2014


Happy Thursday. Teresa here with this week's fun design. A leather and lace themed cuff bracelet featuring one of MY favorite Piccolos

Again - I do not like projects that are difficult and this one is so very very easy. Let's gather some supplies.

Mars Black 3d Enamel Gel.
Gilded Rose Gold enamel Powder
Enamel Powder Adhesive
Gloss Glastique
Cherchio Keys Charms


Cuff bracelet form (I got mine from etsy)

Leather scrap (mine came in a scrap bundle from JoAnn's Fabrics - But you can these anywhere they feature upholstery leathers)

Awl or Punch

Large eye needle


Here we go ---

First - mark your leather about 3/8" wider than your bracelet blank on each side and end, then trim it.

Then mark again just INSIDE each of the wire edges. This gives you a wrap over the wire for a nicer edge.

Using your awl (confession - I used an ice pick), punch holes along those lines at about 3/8" spacing apart.

Using the large eye needle and a length of the lace, whip stitch the edges around the bracelet form. The picture below shows the punched holes and one side of the bracelet finished.

Emboss the key charm with the Gilded Rose Gold Powder - I used two coats. This powder is a finer detail type of powder, making it perfect for the more detailed shapes of the key charms. There are many shapes of key available in the Piccolo line. 

I decided the color needed a little more depth, so I smeared a bit of the Mars Black 3d Gel over the key and buffed it off, leaving bits of the black in the texture areas. 

I then coated the entire key with gloss glastique. to protect it. The next step is the most difficult.......

Let the charm dry completely.

The charm is still flexible even with the glastique coating, making it easily formed to the curve of the cuff.

Find the center of the bracelet - and glue the charm in place. I find the center simply by balancing the bracelet on the table and "eyeballing" the spacing.

I love the ruggedness of the leather - the vintage look of the key - and the bit of softness the lace gives this .

Wear your new cuff and gather compliments ----

So many options for charms and colors with this kind of thing. I will definitely be making more.

See you guys next week.

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Sandy Fredrick said...

Awesome bracelet, love how the key looks with the leather and lace.