Thursday, October 9, 2014

after ------

The storm had finally passed. She cautiously walked through the devastation. Looking. Searching. Picking up a small piece here. Another over there. They would celebrate the clearing. They would celebrate the surviving. A masked ball. A way of celebrating all while hiding the fear that the storms may soon come again..............

It's halloween time and when I found the plain white hard plastic masks, I knew a story would be unfolding while I made this. 


First I took my heat gun to the plastic of the mask to see if I could control the warping and shrinking of the plastic. I found that if I was very careful, I could. Yes, this would work. 

Globecraft and Piccolo Products

- Enamel Powders (linking to the main section)
     I used the following --- Copper Kettle, Gilded Rose Gold, MicroCopper, MicroGold, Starry Sky,
    Victorian Bronze, Vintage Black, Vintage Copper, Micro Black.
- Enamel Powder Adhesive 
- Antique Brass Cable Chain Necklace
- Flower Flourishes (at the tie locations)
- 1-2-3 key accents (i used 6 of the smallest ones)
- Steampunk Windup Keys 
- Steampunk Mini Gear Accents 
- Vintage Gears Accents
- french oval frame accent
- Glastique (used as an adhesive)

Sweet Stamps Products
- Java Sparkle EP powder
- Br Pearl and Rhinestone accents

Emboss the mask with assorted Embossing Enamels. Work patiently and carefully, allowing the mask to contort as you work. Layer the powders, Overlap as well. Wearing a silicone glove (available in the kitchen section of any department store) will allow you to gently shape the mask while it is hot.  I continually held this to my face to check that it remained comfortable against my face.

Once the mask is covered as you like it, Punch two holes for the chain and three holes under the "eye" on the opposite side.

Glue your ties to the back of the mask with a heavy bodied glue.

Now emboss your elements (I snipped a piece of the French Oval Frame for the "crown") 

I had a great time with all the different powders. 

Now add these to the mask using Glastique. (here is another trick - nothing sticks to the silicone "hot pad" - I cut one of those into small pieces and use that to clip things into place while they dry. This keeps the clips from sticking to any excess glue that may seep around an embellishment.)

Using Jump rings add three of your keys directly to the mask on one side and then the chain holding three more to the other.

Have a wonderful Thursday - Teresa

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Sandy Fredrick said...

this is awesome, I love the gears and key combination that you used for embellishments. Love the story line too!!