Friday, October 10, 2014

Whimsical Steampunk Pumpkin

Happy Funday!

Say hello to my little friend...Jack!

Today's project started out as a clearance item from last Halloween. Primitive pumpkin in a sickly yellow-green color. (it's not your screen...) Add a few fabulous metallic G&P Embossing Enamel Powders over the fun steampunk inspired Accents and ta-da!

A new and improved Jack! Want to make your own? See the clickable supplies below!

Make some time to craft this weekend!

Piccolo A164 Gentlemen Accents Piccolo LC101 1-2-3 Keys Accents Piccolo MA100 Steampunk Mini Gears Accents Piccolo MA101 Steampunk Wind Up Keys AccentsSmall Flourishes A142 Mini Keys 1.5" Charms C117 Enamel Powder Adhesive Fluid Enamel Powder COPPER KETTLE Enamel Powder MICRO BLACK Enamel Powder VINTAGE COPPER Enamel Powder VINTAGE GOLD Enamel Powder ENCHANTED AUBERGINE

1 comment:

Sandy Fredrick said...

Oh my gosh this is so cute. I love what you did with the piccolos to give Jack his steampunk look. Awesome!!