Thursday, October 16, 2014


We all have things we want to keep. Especially memory things. This is a Memory Box. Ready for beach photos, maybe a ticket to the pavilion amusement park, even a few seashells. Every time I heard this song, I knew I wanted to use the imagery from it for a project. 

It started with a kraft paper recipe box. And this wonderful soft toned "beach- washed" wood scrapbook paper. 

To that I added the following items

From GlobeCraft and Piccolo 
- 3d Enamel Gel 
        Honey Mustard 
        Coral Pearl  
        Satin Honeydew
- Embossing Enamel Powders
        Micro Gold 
        Cranberry Wine
        Mermaid Tears
        Temple Stone
        Starry Sky
        Mossy Glen

From SweetStamps
        Java Sparkle EP
        Desert Sparkle EP
        Super Sticky Tape
        Brown Pearls

I used the Sticky Tape to adhere the paper to the box. 

The orange and green flower is glued to the top only and does not interfere with opening and closing the box at all. 

I trimmed down the "sand" below the palm trees. 

This was a really fun little memory box to complete. 

The Mossy Glen is PERFECT for those palm tree fronds. I used a tiny paintbrush and the Embossing adhesive to use the different powders in these detailed accents. 

Please. If you create a project "inspired by a song" leave me a comment so I can go take a look. 

Have a wonderful Thursday --- Teresa 


Stacey Richardson, said...

what a gorgeous keepsake! love the beachy feel to this!

Sandy Fredrick said...

What a beautiful memory box. I love the soft background and the different piccolos you used to create the beach feel of the scene.