Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Birthday

Good Morning Everyone- turns out that October is full of Birthdays in my family. So I sat down and made a pile of simple cards.

These are quite simple and easy ----

I had these blank cards (by the Paper Studio) - So I used these and added simple embellishments.

I used the following GlobeCraft and Piccolo products.
- Glastique (as the adhesive)
- Embossing Powder Adhesive
- Gilded Rose Gold Embossing Powder 
- ATC sized Frame from a Piccolo Set - (several sets have the frame, I simply bag all of these together as I punch out my shapes)

From SweetStamps I used
- Birthday Elegant Stamp
- Rustic Ink From the Earth Ink Spots Kit
- legless brads from the Chocolate and Marshmallow set 

- ombre toned embroidery floss

Easy. Quick. Beautiful.

Emboss the corners of the frame with the Gilded Rose Gold. Adhere floss to the back side of the frame and tightly and smoothly wrap the frame with the floss. (a dot of glastique is all you need to hold the floss in place. Glue frame to card to accent the area you like. Stamp with a sentiment. I added the Candi Legless Brads to further accent the corner.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Sandy Fredrick said...

Beautiful card, I love how you used the frame to highlight the image.